3 Millennial Restaurant Trends

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Millennial Restaurant Trends

Millennials have officially overtaken baby boomers and have become the largest living generation. They contribute close to 30% of a restaurants income.

Millennial restaurant trends can’t be ignored. With this transformation, restaurants can no longer offer the same options they used to. Adjusting to these changes include generating an experience-based atmosphere for eaters, from augmented reality menus to the presentation of the food. Millennials are environmentally conscious diners who put a bigger emphasis on healthy eating. As a result, offering vegetarian and vegan options on menus is vital to attract customers.

Living fast-paced lives, millennials crave food on the go, leading to the rise of street food. The now infamous avocado toast trend is not the only one championed by millennials. Hemp infused produce, seed butter and plant-based dining are also in high demand in 2019.

We have highlighted the  3 major millenial trends that your food business should pay attention to in 2019.

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1. Experience-Based Atmosphere

Technology being implemented to attract millennials include; ordering food and drinks before arriving at the venue, paying via an app and self-ordering kiosks. The rise of social media has placed even greater importance to the dish presentation and the atmosphere of the restaurant. With millennials contsantly sharing pictures of their food to their followers – restaurants must accommodate practical solutions such as Wifi, as well as a perfectly presented, Instagram friendly meals. Food businesses should encourage social sharing on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook for greater exposure to new clientele.

Tech is also warmly welcomed by restaurant owners. Over 53% of restaurant owners believe it increases restaurant flow and design optimisation, while another 50% feel it provides better entertainment for guests.We are also at the forefront of integrating technology and restaurants. Through our app, businesses can simply browse, tap, and pay for restaurant supplies. Fewer worries, more business.

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2. Good Healthy Food At Reasonable Prices

Most millennials prioritise healthy eating. In an age where being and looking fit are of huge importance, diets have also changed. The rise of flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan food choices in the UK is having significant ramifications. 30% of Britons have reduced their meat consumption, with one in eight identifying as vegan. This trend has not gone unnoticed among restaurants, with more restaurants introducing faux meat and plant-based options for customers. With meat on the decline and demand for vegetables growing, greener alternatives are vital.

Did you know? We pride ourselves in supplying organic, high-quality fruit and vegetables to restaurants across London. Check out our suppliers today and make your vegetarian choices mouth-watering.

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3. Street Food

Traditional cooking is considered by some millennials to be too time-consuming for the busy lifestyles of modern society. Thus, the rise of street food. Street food is seen by landowners and councils as a relatively cheap and effective way of reviving declining areas. It also reflects a wider trend of convenient eating as a result of busier lifestyles.

So what are the street food trends of 2019? Snackification of food to eat on-the-go, hemp-based produce, charcoal grilling for an extra layer of flavour, Indian street foods such as spiced burgers or lamb keema and plant-based protein meals make up the majority of these trends. Make sure to take note of these trends and make your restaurant a success!

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