3 Ways To Build A Restaurant Dining Experience

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Building A Restaurant Dining Experience

Creating a memorable dining experience for your customers offers your restaurant the edge over its competitors as food lovers can expect immersive and captivating experiences as well as quality-driven meals.

In 2019 there are more and more restaurants that are creatively thinking of how they can transform the way diners consume food. This should come as no surprise as the restaurant industry has been known to be overcrowded with casual restaurants for a while now. This has led to more research into how restaurants can reinvent their services as well as reimagining the overall customer experience. 

There are strong reasons for introducing and enhancing dining experiences. Doing so can open up the doors to numerous growth opportunities, along with handling existing problems that may be limiting the restaurants potential to retain customers. It has been on record that customers would  rather not eat at a casual restaurant and are more in favour of pursuing restaurants that can offer a more abstract dining experience. Frequent diners will easily be able to identify the uniqueness that your restaurant brings, which will differentiate your restaurant from the competition in your area.

So, are you looking to phase out everything in your restaurant that is seen to be casual, static and basic? Do you wish to create memorable experiences for your diners which will improve your brand’s perception? Then you’ve arrived at the right spot.  This blog will provide you and your restaurant with innovative and exciting ways to give your audience a memorable dining experience.

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1. Combine Fine Dining with Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer considered an afterthought as the planet that we live on faces an uphill battle to eliminate current environmental issues.  Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with fine dining as it sends the message that your company is willing to combat issues facing your local community and the world itself. This shows your restaurant is willing to offer customers a ‘Green Experience’ with the theme of being eco-friendly.

Although customers are keen on the meals that your restaurant has to offer, they are also eager to see how your restaurant promotes sustainability. How would you rate the ‘greenness’ of your restaurant? Well, for starters (no pun intended) there has been an increase in the use of disposable cups and paper straws. By implementing a ban on plastics you are indicating that your restaurant has adopted a zero tolerance policy towards harmful and unsustainable materials.

Additionally, a short description of what items were recycled to produce straws and cups can result in customers feeling like they’re part of the process and that their consumption has contributed in one way or another.

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2. Introducing Digital Menus and AR

As technology continues to change the way we live, customers will expect tech to influence the way your restaurant operates. What better way to showcase this by transforming the dining table electronically!

Technology and food are different in many ways but they do share one common thing…convenience. We just talked about sustainability, right? Replacing paper made menus in exchange for digital devices is a great idea. Not only is it more sustainable, it will allow diners to to easily make an order and also alter the settings around their table. Customers can tailor their dining experience for example, by adjusting the lighting or selecting the background music of their choice.

Also growing in popularity is Augmented Reality (AR) and its ability to create and shape diners experiences. A device that contains AR will enable customers to get a detailed live preview of their meals through clever imaging techniques — restaurants are slowly piloting this to compare first impressions to their feedback. Over time AR will become less costly and integrating it into your restaurant will be a fairly straightforward process.

3. Build-A-Meal Concept

Giving customers their perfect meal would be amazing, right?  One step towards that direction would be to offer diners the opportunity to design their ideal meal. By giving customers the preference to build their own meal from scratch it enables them to feel their contribution and connection to your brand. A number of restaurants have adopted this idea with pizza concepts.

Let’s take a burger for example.  Allowing your customers to choose the style of bun, the type of meat as well as any other additions provides diners with a unique taste and experience that they’ll always remember. Personalised meals, an immersive setting and true consideration for sustainability will give your customers a run for their money and an unforgettable experience.

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