5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Go Green

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Can your restaurant be greener?

According to the UN global assessment report, scientists have observed the rapid decline of  natural ecosystems, along with the extinction of many prominent wildlife specifies. Without a doubt, human activity has proven to pose the largest threat towards the global environment. 

The food service industry has been known to contribute to this problem through inefficient, unsuitable and outdated practices. This blog will unpack 5 innovative ways your restaurant can transform itself for a more eco-conscious world.

1. Zero Waste Tolerance

Restaurants and their removal of excess food has proved to be detrimental to the environment as the production of food requires energy, water and fuel and therefore leads to greenhouse gases being emitted which are damaging. Restaurants can take several steps to reduce food waste to virtually zero, these include:

  • Identifying perishables which are consistently deemed as waste and limit the level of stock intake. GoKart helps restaurants consistently track, manage and optimise their supplies to help reduce waste.
  • Re-inventing your restaurant’s culture through the introduction of values and beliefs that actively aim to promote an attitude of food and its role in climate change. 
  • Food servings should have nutritional information stated on the menu with rationed portions. This way, your customers know what they are getting.
  • Initiate programs to support the local community with excess food being offered to the homeless shelters along with individuals.

2. Making Single-Use Plastic Obsolete

In just the UK alone there are over 150 plastic bottles that litter each mile of UK beaches. Plus, it is estimated that by 2035 there will be over 600 million tons of plastic scattered all across the world, per Surfers against Sewage.  Restaurants can take a firmer stance at tackling this issue by banning plastic for single-use… or better yet, scraping plastic altogether. 

Using food packaging designed with biodegradable materials will help combat plastic waste as it takes into account the inefficiency of recycling biodegradable plastics. It also enables restaurants to have a ‘green brand’ oriented packaging that has positive connotations and is closely linked to tackling climate change. 

GoKart works with a range of eco-friendly packaging suppliers. Speak to one of the team about making the switch to recyclable and biodegradable.

3. Water Efficiency and Conservation

Restaurants can adequately improve in this area by driving water efficiency as well as containing core resources. This can be achieved through:

  • Strictly opting for Energy Star certified appliances. This optimises appliances like dishwashers and steamers to be energy efficient and prevents the exploitation of natural resources.
  • Drinking water should be served under customers’ discretion.

Toilets should be equipped with dual-flush handles and waterless urinals (See Below)

4. Green-Orientated Cleaning

A green approach to cleaning is a positive and straightforward step towards helping your restaurant go green. Here are a few tips:

  • Use microfiber towels  in exchange for plastic towels as they can be reused repeatedly and are very resistant to bacterial growth.
  • Steam-cleaning flooring with hot water as opposed to using toxic chemicals.
  • Developing efficient cleaning and hygiene routines that are consistent among all staff – from catering staff and waiters all the way up to head chef.

5. Invest In Technology That Is Sustainable

Technology has reshaped the food service industry tremendously. From food delivery, to stock taking and customer services. But how can your restaurant use technology to be more sustainable? Here are some recommendations in the latest technology that help contain problems of this nature.

  • Kitchen Display Unit – A display unit is beneficial as it lowers carbon footprint as enquiries/orders are displayed on the unit and not a physical piece of paper. Enabling cloud functionality allows a direct line of communication between waitstaff and kitchen staff. Ultimately increasing the efficiency of orders and safeguarding the environment.
  • GoKart App – GoKart can help relieve some of the pressure by connecting you with sustainable suppliers. We also offer the right tools for optimal tracking and deliveries of your products. You can go green whilst also saving money on fixed costs and increasing your bottom line.

More About GoKart

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