About GoKart

About GoKart

Your supply chain, modernised

So many things about the food service industry have changed in recent years—and yet we’re still sourcing ingredients and supplies in the same complicated, expensive and time-consuming way. GoKart is here to change that. 

GoKart is a food supplier app that connects food & beverage sector businesses—including restaurants, bars, cafés, delis and food trucks—with a broader range of suppliers than ever before and with a fraction of the effort. Using our app, business owners can find fresh ingredients at a price point that suits them and communicate with all their suppliers from a single platform. 

No more drawn-out phone calls and email chains, no more awkward language barriers and much less opportunity for human error. 

We work with the very best of the British food industry, from London’s world-famous Smithfield and New Covent Garden markets to fish suppliers on every coast in the UK. The food is prepared to your specifications and delivered via refrigerated vans to ensure it is kept fresh. 

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Pick from +150,000 ingredients in our catalogue.

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Order supplies and pay with just a few taps.


Free delivery straight to your business.


Save up to 20% with our special GoKart prices.

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Want to know how much you could save with GoKart? Compare your top five most used ingredients to find out! 

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