Evolve or die: Why your restaurants survival depends on technology.

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How often do you find yourself asking: “What technologies should I be embracing to grow my restaurant?”

If the answer isn’t very often, there’s a problem.

Why? Because technology is driving serious growth in the restaurant industry, make it more popular than ever. That also means you’ve got more competition than ever — from great chefs, amazing concepts, and deep-pocketed investors all vying for your business.

And with so many tech savvy restaurants in the fold, if you’ve not embraced it in your business, you might as well shut up shop now. Seriously!

Tech is redefining what the restaurant business looks like: Its reshaping the industry from front to back.

It’s not always easy to adapt to new circumstance, but if your restaurant is to survive, it’s necessary.

Why tech is critical for restaurant success

Delivering first-rate service has always been key for success for restaurant. No great secret there!

But today, top-notch service is being increasingly shaped by the like of Amazon, Netflix, and Uber. It includes flawless delivery of services, at greater-than-ever convenience, and of course while being an enjoyable experience.

And just as rapid advances in tech have made it possible for us to watch films on demand and order our cabs with a couple of swipes of our phone, its presents huge opportunities to increase the efficiency and customer connection for restaurants.

But here’s the catch — what technology giveth it also taketh away. Because if you are failing to deliver, whether that’s not by utilising tech to improve your restaurant’s efficiency or to engage your customers properly, there are a plethora apps directing your customers to places that will.

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Tech, The Customer Experience, and Finessing Restaurant Management

Did you know that almost 60% of UK customers say they assess restaurants based on their technology use? That’s a whopping number.

For you that means, technology is changing how people view your businesses, whether that’s how Instagrammable your food is to how they decide where to eat.

So, while the proof might still lie in quality, without smart technology use, you’ll find yourself fighting an uphill battle to get your customers through the door in the first place.

Embracing technology enables you to better serve your customers, engage them in ways like never before, and reach out to those who would’ve never heard of you.

But tech is also critical for how you manage your restaurant.

With the right tools, some of the most challenging aspects of running a restaurant can be forgotten. Whether its reducing waste from over ordering, to making sure the you’re not over or understaffed, technology can unlock insights that will be critical to success.

How can I keep up?

So, maybe you’re thinking: “You’ve convinced me. But where do I begin?”.

Every restaurant has unique needs when it comes to technology, and its vital that you consider implementation costs and time to find the right one that helps your business increase profitability.

But with so many options out there, how do you decide what’s going to boost your restaurant?

Keep an eye out for our next blog, where will be guiding you through the process jazzing up your technology.

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