London Fish Suppliers

Fish Suppliers

Fish suppliers on GoKart specialise in the supply of the highest quality fresh, chilled and frozen seafood to food businesses across London. We deliver fresh seafood to your specifications. Whatever your requirements our fish mongers are ready to share their extensive expertise. GoKart’s suppliers work  24 hours a day to bring local and exotic seafood landings to your door. Want your fish skinned, pinned and filleted?  No problem.

Our Fish Suppliers

GoKart’s London fish suppliers have got something for everyone. Fresh fish, frozen fish, prepared seafood, whole, British or exotic. From Crab Meat and Lobster to frozen Salmon Supremes and Bistro Style Hand Battered MSC Cod Fillets. GoKart works with large and small seafood suppliers to meet your chef’s requirements.

600 Day Boats

Our wholesale fish suppliers have access to 600 day boats going out to bring sustainably caught Seafood. We only work with suppliers who are doing business the right way. Our supplier’s fish is caught in numbers that don’t threaten their existence and support sustainability.  Fresh or frozen? Whatever you’r seafood preferences our seafood suppliers can source it.
GoKart Food Supplier

GoKart Food Suppliers

Save up to 20% when ordering ingredients from food suppliers on GoKart. Find quality food suppliers on the GoKart app, from fish suppliers to meat suppliers and anything in between. We help independent food businesses in London save money and time by ordering online. You can find a range of restaurant suppliers, cafe suppliers and more on the GoKart app.

Book a call with our team and we will help you find the right food suppliers for your business.

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