How To Execute The Perfect Restaurant Social Media Strategy

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Social media. The home of memes, cute dogs, and friend requests from your aunt.

But as every marketer knows it’s also a vital part of today’ business world, restaurants included. Like nothing else before it, social media provides a unique opportunity to build relationships and engagement with (potential) customers near and far.

That being said though, like all the best things in life, building a valuable social media footprint requires a mastery that’s easier said than done.

But worry not. To help you out we are chatting social media — the details on how to kill it online.


1. Have a FIT account

The basics of getting your restaurant’s social strategy up and running requires creating profiles on the three main channels — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Not all three will be equally relevant at the beginning or even ever. But it’s worth having those accounts setup and complete with a proper profile.

That means each account should contain a short description of your restaurant, a link to the website, and relevant contact information like an address or phone number.


GoKart Restaurant Social Media


2. Have a voice & make it consistent

There’s an endless number of business vying for your customers’ attention online — which means you need to have that special sauce to cut through the noise.

That special sauce is personality. Your restaurant has one and bringing that voice customers love online is crucial if the digital crowd is going to relate to it.

Your social voice will dictate the kind of content you post: whether that’s a twist on popular memes or witty copy to accompany mouth-watering visuals. So, whatever your restaurant’s personality might be, the first step is bringing it out on social channels.

Getting your brand’s voice is not an easy task — and it’ll take time. But once you master it, the returns on your investment will be huge.

Check out this bit of twitter wit (^) from Denny’s


3. Be Visual

No two things in life are more suited to each other than Instagram and food pictures. The platform lends itself perfectly to beautiful shots of even more beautiful food.

But visuals by no means should be limited to Instagram alone — the most shared posts on Facebook are photos. Likewise, posts with visual attachment typically out do those without on Twitter.

Remember: a picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to food, pictures whet the appetite.

What’s great about visual content is that you don’t have to limit it just your food — your team, customers, and behind-the-scenes actions shots of your chefs in the moment are all fair game.

As humans we buy with our eyes. Utilise visual to tell your story and show the world why your place is better than your competitor’s.


Sweet Green has got the art of social media storytelling down to a tee — combining awesome visuals with a narrative that fits the brand’s bill perfectly.


4. Have a chat. Literally!

Social media is where your customers talk about you, but also talk to you. Ensure you are constantly engaging with them, replying to their comments and responding to queries.

But not all talk will be nice — and most unhappy customers will take to social media to air any bad experiences at your place.

So, while it’s key you communicate with the positive, it even more important that your respond quickly to the negative ones: 71% of people say that they are more likely to recommend a company that responds quickly to them on social.


GoKart Restaurant Social Media



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