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Key To Food: Healthy Mealprep

Key To Food are on a misson to create good, nutritious food.

This month we are spotlighting a different kind of food business. Ever heard of meal prep? Key To Food are currently killing it in this growing food sector. Key To Food create new meals every day of the week and have it delivered to your home or office. On top of this, their mission is to create good, nutritious food served by a conscious team.  If you are trying to be healthy, but don’t have time, then Key To Food are your guys!

What Key To Food Has To Say About GoKart

Like many food founders, Key To Food had the perception that getting supplies would be one of the hardest challenges. In Xander’s own words:

“I started our food business under the perception it could be a struggle to get all the products when I needed them. I was thoroughly under the impression that I would have to wake up at 4 every morning to then go to the suppliers directly to pick up the vegetables and the fruit fresh every day and then transport them personally.”


At GoKart, we are on a mission to make ordering food supplies easier with tech. Our company works with 100’s of restaurants and founders like Xander. Our tech makes it super fast and convenient to get set up.

“I got a call from GoKart one day,(Valentina my partner found GoKart online and sent a request with my phone number without me knowing) about five minutes later I was being told that I had all the supplies I wanted in one place… my reaction was astounded, pretty sure all I was thinking was “get out of town no way”

We asked them if they would recommend GoKart to a friend. Heres what they had to say:

“As a new business owner I would seriously recommend using these guys, even if you’re starting small and you only need a few supplies here and there or even if you’re really trying to scale your business. Managing your inventory and making sure you’ve got all the foods and the stock you need at all times is so easy.”

Key To Food's Journey

Xander began cooking for clients years ago, sharing his passion and taste for healthy food. He believed that you can enjoy healthy, nutritious meals and still get the results you want. He is well placed to understand this sector as he was a personal trainer. He combined his keen eye for helping customers to build their dream body with healthy eating through Key To Food.

And if that wasn’t enough, fellow Key To Food co-founder Valentina was a former dermatologist who understands the impact of food not just in the gym, but also in terms of our skin, hormones and gut health. Combined, they have created an amazing meal prep business that is helping busy people get healthier!

Key To Food: Menu & Reviews

Key To Food create a variety of healthy food with fresh produce sourced from incredible places. Prepared fresh daily, they have 3 options depending on your health goals.

What’s really innovative about Key To Food’s business is their Meal Plans. Their 5 days meal plan means you can get 3 meals a day delivered straight to your office or home to help you keep in top shape. Take a look at their sample menu below…looks amazing right?

Key To Food: Reviews

Here are some reviews from their customers:

👉The best prep meal service in London. Everything is incredibly fresh, tasty, and well-prepared with great variety in the meals. Highly recommend for those looking to take their personal fitness to the next level”

👉“After my tester day I realized how tasty healthy food can be! I got already my monthly plan!”

GoKart Food Supplier

More About GoKart

GoKart is a revolutionary app that lets restaurants order supplies through their phone. Join 100’s of restaurants who order from our catalogue of 50,000 products. We champion independent restaurants like Lahpet, connecting them with the right suppliers and saving them money.

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