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Since a child, I have always enjoyed cooking. I learnt how to cook from my Dad who is a great cook. My early childhood memories are standing on a chair and chopping for him.

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1) What is your role at GoKart?

I’m a founder and Sales Director at GoKart.

2) Why did you want to work in the food industry?

Anx and I bonded in our co-working space, I had another business and we bonded over Drum and Bass. As I was doing a lot of catering events in Google I was asked by Just Eat if I knew any good food tech businesses because I knew most of the tech business in Google. I recommended GoKart and then they invested and Anx offered me a job and to be a co-founder. 

3) What drew you to working with GoKart?

What mainly drew me to working with GoKart was the vision of the CEO Anx and the enthusiasm of the team. They really are on a mission to disrupt the restaurant industry and make ordering supplies more efficient. Their product is actually innovative and is helping independent restaurants save money. The idea that GoKart can really make a dent in the restaurant industry excited me a lot. What’s not to love?

4) What is the best thing about working in the food industry?

I love the free food! But I think in England we are so lucky because you can try food from every country and its constant variety that inspires me to cook at home.

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