Running a restaurant is hard. Getting supplies shouldn’t be.

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Running Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant is easy, said no one ever. Because it’s not.

It’s a labour of love that requires enormous amounts of focus each day, and even then, success is not guaranteed — 60% of independent restaurants fail in the first year. By five years, 8 out of 10 are shuttered. These stats paint a pretty grim picture of the chances of getting a restaurant off the ground and keeping it going. Why? The major reason for this intimidating failure rate is the challenges of reining in costs, in an industry where profit margins are razor thin. There’s rent and rates. And paying your staff. Those are the big picture costs that tend to steal the spotlight. Rightly so. They’re usually the top two costs for a restaurant.

But there’s also an often-forgotten part of the equation — and it can make or break your restaurant. That key piece of the jigsaw is supplies.


The Art Of Supply

Supplies, if they are overpriced, however fresh, will ruin your budget before the first customer is out of the door.

Cut corners on them, though, and each customer could be the last you serve. Seems simple enough then, right? Find the perfect balance between quality and affordability and, hey presto. If only… The reality is, as an independent restaurant you’re going to find yourself being outcompeted by huge chains. These guys order ingredients in enormous volumes. So, while you’re paying top dollar for your supplies, they are getting it for a fraction of the price. Being out competed on supply costs means being out competed on what you can charge customers.


GoKart Powers Independent Restaurants

But don’t be disheartened. Here at GoKart we’ve been through the same journey.

We know that controlling supply costs while making sure that amazing concept and great food take centre stage is a delicate and painstaking art. That’s why we’ve developed a platform that takes the headache out of sourcing quality supplies without breaking the bank. GoKart is an app that lets you order ingredients from trusted high-quality suppliers easily and quickly. And, oh yeah, it’s cheaper, too!

Our users save an average of 20% on their ingredients.


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