The Biggest Problem With Restaurant Supplies And How You Can Fix It

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Picture this: Reading from a sweat-stained scrap of paper, an exhausted chef calls up a restaurant supplier. He has no idea how much the ingredients for tomorrow’s service will cost. His only wish is that the supplier will get them to him without delay and the usual mistakes. And even though he knows that’s an unlikely reality, he’s too tired to care right now.
This is not a simple thought experiment — it’s the reality for many of those running the 260,000 restaurants in the UK.
Chefs and restaurant owners tell us this constantly. Opaque pricing, mistaken orders, and a mountain of invoices are taking up the time they should be spending on running their businesses.
And they’re not happy!
If you’re a restaurant supplier, this is worrying news. Your customers could be very well be one of those looking elsewhere.


Restaurant Suppliers

Restaurants, like their customers, want the same thing — great ingredients and great service. But today, that also means convenience, choice and speed.
That’s easier said than done though. Because it’s never been harder to supply restaurants. Independent restaurants today want to order in smaller batches. Their menus are constantly revolving. And the ingredients they desire are more exotic than ever before.
If that wasn’t enough, the supply chain is currently dominated by a few big distributors, who have the scale and reach to undercut smaller players.
Right now, you’re probably thinking: “Great, what am I supposed to do?”


Go Digital


We know the challenges, having been on both sides of the equation. And the answer is technology.

Picture this: An exhausted chef picks up her phone and logs on to an app that hosts catalogue of products a range of distributors, with updatable availability, pricing and inventory. On the app she browses for products she needs and places orders. She knows, just like when she orders stuff at home on Amazon, her order is properly accounted for. And when the delivery comes, there’s no nasty shocks, be it missing ingredients or unexpected prices.

That’s the future of supplying restaurants, whether you sell fresh fish or wild mushrooms.

This is not just a simple thought experiment though — this is GoKart. With just a few clicks, our dedicated sales team will showcase your whole product range to our hundreds of customers, so you can focus on doing what you’re best at: Sourcing great supplies.

More About GoKart

GoKart is an app that lets you order ingredients from trusted high-quality suppliers easily and quickly. And, oh yeah, it’s cheaper, too!

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