Redesigning Your Restaurant For The Future

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Redesigning Your Restaurant For The Future

Is the design of your restaurant impactful and does it appeal to the eyes of your customer?

As home-delivery apps continue to grow in popularity, restaurants need to creatively think of ways of luring customers into the  dinner table. If customers are unhappy with your ambience they will be hesitant to eat at your restaurant. Human comfort for both your customers and staff should be a top priority, taking into consideration the level of heating, indoor air quality, lighting and comforting music.

As with technology and environmental change, it also seems that design is currently picking up in popularity as well. More research is being done to really identify what sort of visuals customers have an eye for, enabling an experience that has people in awe for their time on the dinner table. This article provides you with three brilliant and imaginative ways on how you can redesign your restaurant into a forward thinking space.

Open Concept Restaurants

One idea that has been catching traction is open-concept restaurants. Imagine this… customers entering your restaurant to be greeted with food being  freshly-made with the clear sight of chefs working at full pace. This idea has a lot of promise to reinvent the ways diners look at food, observing every detail of their chosen dish from start to finish, as well as seeing the various practices the chefs use. Such an experience makes diners feel included and a part of your business and creating a warm environment for both diners and your cooks. 

Transparency is essential for building trust and offers reassurances to customers with their dining experiences promoting the idea of ‘what they see is what they get’. But remember,  open-concept restaurants are not popular with everyone. We always recommend that you conduct thorough research to understand whether pursuing this idea will sit well with your audience.

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Instagram Ready Environments

In 2019 social media continues to grow with more platforms sprouting up and influencing the way we live. If delivery apps are pushing people away from restaurants then instagram is great way to reel them back in! At its core instagram is great for storytelling, as posting attractive, visual content helps build a relationship with your audience and encourages emotional responses to your content.  This can be further enhanced with additional features such as ‘Instagram Stories’. 

Re-creating your restaurant with imitate imagery and themes seen on your instagram page gives customers the option to actively engage in activities that help enhance the quality of their feed – data indicates that visual posts have 650% higher engagement than text driven posts. With that said… Here are some tips and tricks to have your restaurant photo-ready:

  • Bold signage and different styles of furniture 
  • Bright colours and vivid lighting
  • Unexpected contrasts with hues for abstract scenery.
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Zero Waste Design

There is no better way for your restaurant to embody a green-wide culture than with Zero Waste Design. Picture this, customers are greeted at the table with a recycled menu produced with materials that are not only eco-friendly, but they are created with strong designs, attention to detail and provide a  strong message that customers and the community resonate with!

Zero Waste Design is leading the way to increase design in recycled, raw, and unfinished materials – particularly those that provide a sense of their past use  (basically resembling the item it was recycled from!)

There are so many ways to combine your sustainability approach with Zero Waste Design. At GoKart we have a range of sustainable suppliers who can hook you up with recycled packaging and more.  

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