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Hi Jessica…what is your role at GoKart?

I joined GoKart in January as a Restaurant Development Manager. My role mainly involves onboarding independent food businesses onto our ordering app, and helping them to run their restaurants more efficiently. We do this by minimising their supply costs, getting ingredients delivered right to their door, and establishing a relationship with them.

In GoKart, no days are alike but generally, I spend my days on the phone to prospect customers, coordinating meetings, making sure we are accommodating every restaurant’s needs, and constantly researching the supply chain.


Why did you want to work in the food industry?

I grew up in the food industry as my dad was a chef for 25 years. Growing up in that environment helped me better understand the pain points in the kitchen when it comes to communication with suppliers, sourcing the right supplies, and coordinating deliveries. Also, working with GoKart has enabled me to acquire and use daily a wide range of skills such as problem-solving, logical thinking, good communication, and teamwork. Being able to use my already existing knowledge on the industry in order to help independent business has been very fulfilling. 


What drew you to working with GoKart?

The thing that drew me the most was the vision behind the company. With ingredients prices rising so rapidly recently, it is crucial that we aim to save independent business. Making a positive influence in the food industry has always been my goal. 

The company’s ethos and culture also really appealed to me – teamwork and helpful attitude are GoKart’s main priority.


What is the best thing about working in the food industry?

Receiving restaurant’s owners gratitude and being able to actively help people run their businesses if very fulfilling, and is my favourite part of the job. The occasional free food as well, sometimes, haha. 

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