July Market Report

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Fruit & Vegetables

What’s Hot?

  • 3 for 1 Cabbages storming the charts coming back strong, spring green, savoy and red but you may want to wait one further month, so it is in its prime.
  • I know you missed it, (even if it only takes one month a year off) Cauliflower is back readied to be priced for those summer salads. Just in time for lighter fish dishes and salads fennel is in.
  • Kohlrabi is now in its prime, Onions too are best this time of year. Not scared of a little bit of sun Pumpkins and Parsnips return in July.
  • The myth the legend that is Celery is back to its peak, but does it really make you lose more weight than you gain? (Either way its great with a Bloody Mary for those sunny brunches).

What’s Not?

  • Coming out of season in July Asparagus green and purple, Garlic too but it makes its come back in August, we’re all entitled to a summer holiday.
  • Kale still out of season but has 1 more growing month before it comes back harder than Popeye.
  • Potato season has finished so stop eating chips and get your summer body back.
  • And finally take a bow, Shallots are out of season.

Meat & Seafood

What’s Hot?

  • Lamb is at its sweetest, Pigeon nice and plump from spring berries and nuts and Rabbit perfect for summer Paella’s.
  • Canadian Lobster is still fabulously sweet perfect for posh summer rolls. Giving it all that, like a Brit Majorca Brown Crabs makes its come back.
  • Shout out to the old school Grey Mullets and Winkles which are in this summer.

What’s Not?

  • Black Bream this is its last good month before it’s summer holidays.
  • 3 fish coming out season to leave you feeling flat Dover Sole, Turbot and Dabs are off to Whitley Bay on its summer holiday.
  • Even the God of fish needs time off John Dory comes to its end. Whilst Spider Crabs scuttle off too.

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